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Where is the handling of the carbon nine leakage accident?

Where is the handling of the carbon nine leakage accident?

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Quanzhou Municipal Government held a press conference on the afternoon of November 25 to inform the latest situation of the investigation
According to Xinhua News Agency, the Quanzhou Municipal Government held a press conference on the afternoon of November 25 to inform the latest situation of the investigation and accident investigation of the cracking of carbon nine leaks in Quangang. According to the report, after investigation, the chemical leakage accident in Quangang was mainly caused by the failure to implement the production management responsibility of the enterprise, resulting in a total of 69.1 tons of chemical leakage.
Previously, the Quangang District Environmental Protection Bureau reported that the accident caused 6.97 tons of cracked carbon nine leaks. From 6.97 tons to 69.1 tons, the huge numerical gap is due to the deliberate report of the enterprises involved. The investigation revealed that on the day of the incident, Donggang Petrochemical Company held a meeting of middle-level and above cadres, requiring strict confidentiality and uniformity of leakage to avoid criminal punishment.
Quangang's carbon nine leakage accident, since the case was filed on November 4, more than 20 days, all kinds of negative grievances continue. At the beginning of the incident, the media found that the government and enterprises were suspected of late reporting and false reporting of accidents, and then there was a "progressive" female reporter incident. Nowadays, the authoritative report of the investigation team confirmed that the number of leaks reported by enterprises was as high as 10 times. This kind of malicious fraud, the behavior of enterprises is shocking and even more suspected of breaking criminal law.
Article 139 of the Criminal Law of China stipulates that "after the occurrence of a security accident, the person responsible for reporting shall not report or lie about the accident, and delay the accident to rescue. If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention; if the circumstances are particularly serious, More than three years and seven years of imprisonment." To this end, seven directly responsible persons including the head of the company involved in the incident have been arrested.
For safety production liability accidents, China has clear legal regulations and strict investigation procedures. Especially after the Tianjin Port explosion accident, laws and regulations on the management of hazardous chemicals production and transportation are more complete and perfect, and there are almost no legal loopholes. . Therefore, after an accident, accepting the investigation according to law is the only correct choice for the involved enterprise. The organized collective stringing behavior of Donggang Petrochemical Company will only make its legal consequences more serious.
In this incident, the involved enterprises have encountered great troubles, but the Quangang Environmental Protection Bureau is also very embarrassing. After the carbon nine leakage accident was noticed by the media, the 6.97 tons of leakage figures were officially released by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is not so much that the involved enterprises have kidnapped the Environmental Protection Agency. It is better to say that the Environmental Protection Agency has serious mistakes and irresponsibility in its work. Without the necessary investigation and verification, the EPA is obviously blamed for its official news of falsification after the company’s side.
As far as the harm caused by the accident of safety production is concerned, the consequences of the leakage of the carbon nine in Quangang are not the most serious, but the problems exposed are surprising and common. Behind all safety production accidents, there will be companies that disregard social responsibility and dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty.
For the rule of law, the handling of safety production accidents is not difficult. We have sound and complete laws and strict and standardized procedures. As long as we deal with them seriously according to law, the handling of any accident will become a vivid practice of governing the country according to law. Difficulties are difficult. Enterprises, especially government departments, can hardly change their traditional thinking when they are in trouble. The rule of law and the rule of law can never lead the work.
I hope that this negative textbook can play its due role. More enterprises and government departments can find the correct way to deal with safety production responsibility accidents, respond to public grievances, and learn to do things according to law.