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Employing concept
Rende is the foundation, pioneering and innovative, and using talents without any restrictions.
Talents with both ability and political integrity are the company's pursuit, but morality and integrity are the primary criteria.
At the time of the company's full development, we are open-minded and welcome talents who are honest, thoughtful, promising and innovative to join us with talents with a long skill. We will also be enthusiastic to hire.
Management philosophy
Respect for people - respect the needs of employees, advocate humanized management, create a good work, study, living environment, fully reflect the harmony between the company's development and employee development.
Cultivating people - adhere to the combination of theory and practice, establish a basic norm, professional and targeted training system and smooth development channels, and guide employees to improve their comprehensive ability in practice.
Encourage people - establish a long-term incentive mechanism for shareholder and professional management team to share benefits and share risks, and achieve scientific incentives and effective incentives.
Achieving people - creating a working atmosphere that is conducive to employee growth and talents, taking the enterprise as a platform to realize the career dream of employees and achieve a win-win situation between the company and employees.
Broad development space
The company's employment principle is: knowing people to make good use, suitable for application; using people's strengths, tolerance for people's short; capable people, flat people, and mediocrity. Dig deep into the potential of each colleague, give full play to its enthusiasm and initiative; at the same time, pay attention to the organic combination of individuality and diversity of each employee, insist on the best use of talents, make the best use of their talents, do their best, and do their best to help each one. Colleagues have achieved success at work.
We are fully committed to helping young people to grow rapidly, creating opportunities for talented and capable talents to stand out from the crowd, providing a broader platform for talented people with outstanding contributions, and providing space for talents to develop and display their talents.
Results sharing platform
Promoting the development of the company with the development of employees is our long-term goal. The company regards the sharing of results as the core policy to enhance the enthusiasm of employees to maintain the stability of employees, and timely implement various personalized incentives according to the degree of individual contribution to the company. At the same time, it is the positive encouragement of these young talents that boldly promotes young, promising, capable and creative employees, and the company is constantly rejuvenated.